Lowongan Kerja Pabrik Jogja 2020


Article: Lowongan Kerja Pabrik Jogja 2020


Jogja, the cultural hub of Indonesia, is not only known for its historical sites and vibrant art scene but also for its thriving industrial sector. As we enter the year 2023, numerous job opportunities are available in the manufacturing industry. This article aims to provide information on the latest job vacancies in the factories of Jogja for the year 2020.

1. PT ABC Manufacturing

PT ABC Manufacturing is a well-established factory located in Jogja. They specialize in producing high-quality textiles and have been in operation for over a decade. Currently, they are looking to expand their workforce and have several vacancies available for various positions.

1.1 Production Supervisor

The position of Production Supervisor requires a candidate with at least 3 years of experience in a similar role. The main responsibilities include overseeing the production process, ensuring quality control, and managing a team of workers. The ideal candidate should have excellent leadership and communication skills.

1.2 Machine Operator

PT ABC Manufacturing is also hiring Machine Operators to operate and maintain their state-of-the-art machinery. Previous experience in operating textile machines is preferred. The selected candidates will be responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the machines and promptly addressing any technical issues that may arise.

2. PT XYZ Electronics

PT XYZ Electronics is a leading electronics manufacturer in Jogja. They produce a wide range of consumer electronics, including smartphones, tablets, and home appliances. In 2020, they have several job openings available in various departments.

2.1 Quality Assurance Engineer

PT XYZ Electronics is seeking a qualified Quality Assurance Engineer to ensure that their products meet the highest quality standards. The selected candidate will be responsible for developing and implementing quality control procedures, conducting audits, and analyzing data to identify areas for improvement.

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2.2 Production Technician

As a Production Technician, the candidate will be responsible for assembling and testing electronic components. Previous experience in a similar role is preferred, and the ability to troubleshoot and repair electronic devices is highly desirable. PT XYZ Electronics offers competitive salaries and opportunities for career growth.

3. PT MNO Automotive

PT MNO Automotive is a renowned automotive manufacturing company in Jogja. They specialize in producing high-performance motorcycles and have gained a reputation for their innovative designs. In 2020, they have several job vacancies for individuals passionate about the automotive industry.

3.1 Design Engineer

PT MNO Automotive is looking for a skilled Design Engineer to contribute to the development of their next-generation motorcycles. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in mechanical engineering, proficiency in CAD software, and a passion for motorcycles. This position offers an exciting opportunity to work on cutting-edge designs and technologies.

3.2 Assembly Line Worker

If you are interested in a hands-on role, PT MNO Automotive is also hiring Assembly Line Workers. The responsibilities include assembling motorcycle components, ensuring quality control, and maintaining a clean and organized workspace. No prior experience is required, making it an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking an entry-level position in the automotive industry.


These are just a few examples of the job vacancies available in the factories of Jogja in 2020. The manufacturing industry continues to grow, providing numerous employment opportunities for individuals with a variety of skills and qualifications. Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresh graduate, exploring these job openings might lead you to a rewarding career in the industrial sector of Jogja.

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