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  • Pot dating back 2,000 years dug up in Henan
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  • Swan route takes wing with protective measures
  • White swans fly to Yellow River wetland in Sanmenxia to spend winter
  • China drives way forward in constructing ecological civilization
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    Plan A Trip along Yellow River

    (Xiazhou Gardon—National Swan Lake and Wetland Park—Boat trip on the Yellow River—Sanmenxia Dam—Tripod Lake)

    Plan Features: As the top ten plans in Henan Provence, the trip along Yellow River is irreplaceable one. Sanmenxia City as a shining pearl in Yellow River attracts visitors from all over the world. Four seasons in Sanmenxia City represent different pictures. Following water conservation and discharge of Sanmenxia Dam, this river shows its leisure style, like a gentle lady and tough style at the same time.

    Day One

    08:30 visiting Xiazhou Garden, National Swan Lake and Wetland Park, Taking boat to visit Yellow River on the Sun Dock.

    12:00 Lunch Time in the city

    14: 30 Visiting Sanmenxia Dam, Pillar and Ancient Plant Road

    18: 00 Having Dinner and living in the city

    Day Two

    08: 30 Visiting reed marshland in Tripod Lake in Xiyan County in Lingbao City

    12: 00 Tasting special fish, “Little Black”

    14: 30 Visiting Hangu Pass, the Historical and Cultural Sites

    16: 30 Back to city

    Plan B Exploration for the Ancient Kingdom

    (Kingdom Guo Museum—Gantang Garden—Kongxiang Temple—Hangu Pass—Square Emperor Xuanyuan Built Tripod)

    Plan Features: Sanmenxia City is located at the west Henan Province, the connecter of three provinces, Yu, Jin and Shan. It faces Luoyang City on its east, Nanyang City on its south across Funiu Mountain, Changan City on its west. It is an economical and cultural center in the history. This city has very long history and one of Chinese birthplaces. Chinese ancestors started to create splendid culture here. It is not only the birthplace of Yanshao culture in the Neolithic era, but also a birthplace of Kingdom Guo’s culture. Laozi had ever finished his great work, Daodejing (Cultural Relics) here. It was also said that Damo, the greatest Buddhist,became a Buddha here. If you want to understand the culture of central China, you need to go to Henan province and to go to Sanmenxia City.

    Day One

    08: 30 Visiting Kingdom Guo Museum

    10: 00 Visiting Gantang Garden, Bell-Drum Tower

    12: 00 Having Lunch in the city 

    14: 30  Driving to Licun, Shan County for Kongxiang Temple and Anguo Temple

    16: 30 Back to Sanmenxia City

    18: 00 Having Dinner and living in the city

    Day Two

    08: 30 Visiting Hangu Pass, the Historical and Cultural Sites

    12:00 Having Lunch in Lingbao City

    14: 30 Visiting the square where Emperor Xuanyuan built tripod

    16:00 Back to Sanmenxia City

    Plan C Trip for Natural Beauty

    (National Forest Park in Mount Gan—Yuxi Valley—Shuanglong Bay (Double Dragons Bay)—Niangniang Mountain)

    Sanmenxia City is a connector of Qinling Mountains, Huangtu Plateau and Middle-Lower Yellow River plains. Yellow River crosses it from south to east, stretching almost 200 K.M.. This river, therefore, helps Sanmenxia City create a number of mountains and valleys, such as Yuxi Valley, Shuanglong Bay (Double Dragons Bay), Yvhuang Mountain, Mount Gan and Niangniang Mountain.

    Day One

    08:00 Visiting National Forest Garden in Shan County

    12:00 Driving to Yuxi Valley for Lunch

    13:30 Visiting Yuxi Valley with drift

    18:00 Having Dinner and living in Shuanglong Bay(Double Dragons Bay)