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  • The Yellow River SanMenXia,Beautiful Swan City!
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  • Pot dating back 2,000 years dug up in Henan
  • Rare pottery kiln unearthed at 6,000-year-old ruin
  • Swan route takes wing with protective measures
  • White swans fly to Yellow River wetland in Sanmenxia to spend winter
  • China drives way forward in constructing ecological civilization
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  • Drifting cross the Great Yuxi Valley
    It is really worth to have a day to drift in the Yuxi Valley. All of my colleagues were excited and happy with this plan and believed that if we could get another chance, this valley should be the first selection.
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  • The Experience for Hangu Pass
    Hangu Pass’s scenic spots occupy a large area. Standing on the top of this castle and looking down, I could imgine the ancient war running in front of my eyes...
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  • Mount Gan’s autumn
    I can’t really remember how many times I’ve ever gone to Mount Gan, but for this time, the red maple leaves still gave me a strong visual impact and I totally surrendered to the beauty created by earth.
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  • Beautiful White Swan
    I seted my first photo project in a Yellow River bay, but named “Yellow River Three Bays”, in Sanmenxia City in 2015. Sunbeam in the winter seemed to be softened, like ladies’ veil, covering those groups of swans flying back from Siberia for winter.
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  • Amazing Trip to Sanmenxia
    Sanmenxia City is famous for the dam, no matter where you are going to visit, there is only one word which could help you to describe your feeling——magnificent.
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